Villa Bodycare

Villa™ Bodycare, by Parkside.

The advanced new line of pH balanced products, specifically formulated for professional spas, fitness centres, clubs, health care facilities and hair salons.


A complete program of moisture rich products, including hair care, skin care, body lotion and shave foam.

Each Villa™ product contains choice ingredients to restore, revitalize, transform and protect your skin and hair.

Researched and developed using only the finest ingredients, the Villa™ Bodycare line offers users a wonderful experience.

Villa™ Bodycare products are available at locations across Canada.


Revitalizing Shampoo
A mild hair shampoo designed to gently clean and rejuvenate damaged hair.
4x4L/cs (FH224J)

Hair and Body Wash
A full rich lather is pH balanced liquid to cleanse and moisturize, keeping skin smooth even after repeated washings.
4x4L/cs (FH216J)

Hair Conditioner
Restores hair with a rich protein bath, giving it a more lustrous feel and shine.
4x4L/cs (FH217J)

Hair Spray
A non-sticky formula secures the most structured styles even in humidity and gives your hair a healthy looking shine.
4x4L/cs (FH223J)

Hand and Body Lotion
Relieves dry skin on contact. Retains your natural moisture by continuing to moisturize even after repeated washings.
4x4L/cs (FH218J)

After Shave Balm
Gentle on skin. Designed to reduce shaving irritation to leave skin moisturized and conditioned.
4x4L/cs (FH219J)

Shave Foam
Carefully formulated with choice ingredients to allow for a close, comfortable shave with no irritation.
4x4L/cs (FH222J)