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Villa™ Double ABS Bracket Dispenser, Silver

Our newest Villa™ Hotel Amenity Dispenser is made from durable ABS plastics and comes with our 300ml refillable and recyclable PET pump top bottles in Silver and Black. Our new dispensers come in single, double and triple configurations.  The Villa™ Hotel Amenity Dispenser features tamper resistant, locked in bottles, that can be removed or refilled by using the enclosed special key. Secure adhesive mounting offers a gentle alternative to drilling into shower walls.

Our 4L bulk Villa™ BodyCare Shampoo, Conditioner, Conditioning Shampoo, Shower Gel and Hand lotion compliment these new dispensers very nicely.


  • Elegant, modern design manual soap dispenser ideal for hotels
  • Available in single, double and triple configurations with 300ml transparent chambers
  • Not recommended for alcohol-based products
  • Made from durable ABS plastic—No plastic odour
  • Each dispenser Includes screws, screw anchors, lock-keys, and product identification stickers for each chamber
  • For mounting on new ceramic or acrylic tubs or showers we recommend glass glue as this is water resistant
  • Transparent: A visible window acts as a reminder to monitoring liquid remaining and get in time to refill the soap
  • Wall Mounted: Soap dispenser is designed to be wall-mounted for easy, space-saving and economical dispensing of hand soap
  • Adjustable Lock: Bathroom soap dispenser is easy to clean and easy to refill, simply rotate the lock and pour in the liquid
  • The lock design on top prevents overflow
  • It is refillable and reusable, which is an environmentally friendly choice

Our new dispensers are available in black and silver matte finishes.