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RoomPro™ Whirklor 30

Chlorinated Whirlpool Tub Flush For Commercial Whirlpool Tubs—Whirlpool tub maintenance can be easy with RoomPro™ Whirklor 30. It is formulated with chlorine bleach which will help to sterilize the jets, kill bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew and remove odours. Simply add to water and let it go to work on the pipes and spa to assure you clean out any lingering bacteria, algae or other impurities that can hide away in pipes and hoses.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  To clean and disinfect hard non-porous surfaces of hot tubs and hydrotherapy tubs: Drain whirlpool tub or hydrotherapy tub completely. Backwash jets with hose attachment if recommended by manufacturer. Refill whirlpool tub lukewarm water to a level just above the jets. Add Whirklor 30 at the rate of 28 grams to 78 litres of water to yield a 200 ppm chlorine solution (1 part product to 2,800 parts water). Activate jets and operate for the manufacturers specified contact time to ensure all recirculation lines are flushed and full with disinfectant solution. Turn off jets and allow solution to sit in the lines for 10 minutes. Clean and disinfect the surfaces not cover with water of the hot tub or hydrotherapy tub using a cloth, sponge or brush by allowing solution to remain wet for 10 minutes. Turn jets on to circulate a second time. Drain tub and refill with clean water.