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CitraSense™ Dishwasher Powder

Citra Sense Auto Dish Powder gently scrubs and dissolves tough food for visibly cleaner dishes. Fights grease—concentrated formula works to cut through even the toughest grease. Cleaning agents rinse away easily to leave dishes and glassware sparkling.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Load dishwasher according to dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions. Distribute dishes evenly with soiled surfaces facing water spray. Measure detergent (1/2 scoop of product in 1.125 Gal. water = 1:96 dilution) and add to dishwasher according to manufacturer’s instructions. If water is hard or dishes are heavily soiled add more detergent. For best results use hot water. Recommended temperature range 140-160ºF (60-70ºC).