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New Soup Cups

by in Disposable Food Service October 26, 2020

Coming soon! Dual layer soup cups—product shares the same great features of the single wall cups, with the added benefit of an air pocket of insulation. It keeps beverages hot and hands at a comfortable temperature.

Cups are made from the highest quality paper and are poly-coated lined that resists condensation accumulation, and maintains the integrity of the walls. The cup has a tightly rolled rim that provides mess-free sipping and creates a tight and secure seal when used with a compatible lid.

Cups come in bulk packs of 8oz., 12oz, 16oz, 24oz and 32oz.


  • Translucent lid available for cups. 
  • All cups are recyclable where facilities exist
  • Great for to-go meals, concerts, and sporting events
  • Tightly rolled rim secures lid to the container and prevents leakage
  • Withstands cold to hot-fill application temperatures
  • Our cups are made of quality material ensuring long lasting durability
  • Heavy duty poly coated paperboard provides sturdiness and moisture resistance preventing the cups from ripping
  • People in the business line will love the look and efficiency of these serving bowls
  • Makes a great hot cup for restaurants or takeout to serve hot items like soup, chili, or stew on their menu
  • Can make great bowls for ice cream bar, where you can load different flavoured ice creams and toppings

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