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Villa™ BodyCare Personal Care Line

A complete program of moisture rich products, including hair care, skin care, body lotion and shave foam. Each Villa™ product contains choice ingredients to restore, revitalize, transform and protect your skin and hair.

Formulated for professional spas, fitness centres, clubs, health care facilities and salons

Researched and developed using only the finest ingredients, the Villa™ Bodycare line offers users a wonderful experience.

Villa™ Bodycare products are available at locations across Canada.

BodycareBody Dispensers

Chrome Plated Finish on sturdy ABS plastic 380ml, 24/cs (GL98819)

Villa™ Bodycare

Dispenser Cartridges

These products come in 380ml (12.9oz) sealed bottles ensuring your guests are getting pure product with every squeeze application.


  • Clear indicator line on the side of the bottle to show how much liquid there is and when it needs to be replaced
  • Fits into any décor, matching most taps and faucets
  • Hidden locking mechanism activated with the key
  • Proven to be more sanitary than regular bulk dispensers
  • Provides economy in usage and waste savings over traditional small bottle amenities

In industry studies it is not uncommon for 50% or more of the contents of those small bottles to go unused.

Nearly all of the Villa BodyCare cartridges can be used and the HDPE bottles can be fully recycled—thereby ensuring virtually no waste to the hotel operator.

Villa BodyCare dispensing cartridges can replace 50 plus small bottles typically used in hotel bathrooms.